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Maryland Auto Accident Lawyer

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Maryland Auto Accident Lawyer conducted a survey of 2,000 drivers in which Washington, D.C. recently placed second for rudest drivers in the United States.  In addition, Maryland was named as the state that hates Washington, D.C. drivers the most.

Furthermore, the DriverSide study ranked Washington, D.C. as number one in speeding tickets per capita.  Several D.C. residents claim that many drivers fail to signal when changing lanes and there is always someone driving behind you wanting to run you off the road.

These recent poll results raise concerns about Maryland drivers because there is a higher risk of becoming an accident victim.  Due to Maryland's close proximity to Washington, D.C., Maryland drivers have an increased risk of being a victim of reckless driving.  It is important for Maryland drivers to know what to do if they are a victim of an automobile accident.

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