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Drug Suspects Cause Car Accident That Results In Fatality
A few weeks ago, two undercover Baltimore City Police officers witnessed a drug transaction between two suspects on Gwynn Oak Avenue in Northwest Baltimore, Maryland. The suspects attempted to evade the police as they sped away from the scene. They struck a civilian vehicle that was being operated by an elderly couple. One of the victims was pronounced dead at the scene while the other was transported to Shock Trauma in serious condition.

After searching the vehicle, the suspects were discovered to be in possession of 38 grams of uncut heroin. They are facing serious drug charges fleeing and alluding charges. They need separate defense counsel, since the driver of the vehicle may face more serious charges and the possibility of vehicular manslaughter.

Although the family of the deceased could pursue a wrongful death claim against the drivers automobile insurance carrier it is highly likely that any claim for property damage or personal injuries would be denied since the vehicle was in the commission of a crime when the accident occurred. In other words, because the suspects were evading the police, the insurance carrier may no longer be responsible for any damages caused as a result thereof. However, an Uninsured Motorist Claim may be pursued to help the injured party with medical expenses or even helped the family of the deceased with burial costs. Further, the police department could have some responsibility for the accident if the investigation revealed they did not follow proper protocol.

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